10 Places To Visit In Cambodia That Will Amaze You Beyond Words

Hardly any nations are just about as beautiful as Cambodia. Less visited than its neighbors, Thailand or Vietnam, it is currently encountering a genuine tourist boom.

It is its scenes of crude magnificence, its rice fields spotted with sugar palms, the lofty remnants of its irresolute history, and the unbelievable generosity of occupants that make the salt of the country.

Angkor temples

Synonymous with the country – the Angkor temples in Siem Reap are dynamic observers of the greatness of the Khmer Empire, which ruled archaic Southeast Asia. Angkor (“the city”) is the capital of the domain and has at its pinnacle had 750,000 occupants, making it perhaps the biggest city on the planet of that time.

Angkor Wat is without a doubt the most significant of the sanctuaries of the site. Considered the eighth miracle of the world, it is committed to the Hindu divinity Vishnu. We encourage you to come ahead of schedule to appreciate the dawn over the sanctuary.

The view is breathtakingOne more momentous sanctuary, Ta Prohm is overwhelmed by vegetation. The cheddar trees, home to gibbons and parrots, twist up on the antiquated stones: maybe guests are finding the spot as it was left hundreds of years prior.

The union between Khmer engineering and the wild wilderness gives an exceptionally extraordinary air. The site is enormous and you can plan your visit for 1, 3, or 7 days. To visit the sanctuaries in Angkor and stay away from the groups, make it a point to the less popular sanctuaries of the Angkor complex.

Phnom Kulen

Upper east of the archeological site of Angkor, Phnom Kulen is a massif that comes to its peak at 487 meters above ocean level. It shields the wellsprings of the waterways that wash the antiquated city. Its microclimate causes it to develop tasty natural products, renowned all through the country. It is a position of pilgrimage for the Khmers, who think about Phnom Kulen as a sacred spot.

The visit to the massif permits us to see archeological remnants which have the distinction to blend in with the water of the springs. The River of a Thousand Lingams is fixed with bas-reliefs and Kbal Spean is an extraordinary cut riverbed. At the highest point of the mountain, there is a little sanctuary that shields a leaning-back Buddha. You can likewise swim in magnificent cascades, a potential chance to blend with the neighborhood populace, which is extremely various here.

The Tonle Sap

The Tonle Sap alludes to a stream and a huge lake at the focal point of the country. Rhythmed by the seasons, its stream system is novel on the planet: the water exhausts and tops off with storms. During the rainy season, the Tonle Sap waterway heads in a different path, and the surface region of the lake is increased by four! Cambodians then praise the celebration of water or Bon Om Touk.

In any case, the extraordinary identity of the lake Tonlé Sap is that it is inhabited. To be sure, a few networks, mostly Vietnamese, were framed there and lived in the thing known as the drifting towns. The shops and places of these surprising towns continue on the lake as per the seasons. Visiting Cambodia is a chance to find them and to notice the inquisitive regular routine of its occupants.

Koh Rong Island

The Gulf of Thailand protects a few paradisiacal islands connected to Cambodia. Among them, Koh Rong is renowned for its fantasy sea shores and its merry climate.

Taste delectable mixed drinks, exploit a plunging meeting to respect the seabed, loosen up on white sandy sea shores and swim in turquoise and perfectly clear water… Which is the most gorgeous ocean side of Koh Rong? Long Beach is somewhat more earnestly to get to than the others, however, will offer you a genuine postcard scene.

Close by, the island of Koh Rong Samloem is considerably more gorgeous. Disengaged and little, it is lined by clear waters. Facilities are more costly, however, you will partake in a wild climate, and particularly calmer than Koh Rong in the evening.

The Cardamoms

The Cardamoms Mountains are great for the people who need to visit Cambodia through an incredible variety of scenes: wilderness, pine timberlands, rice fields, and green slopes are on the program. On a journey or a motorbike, the Cardamomas permit you to get off the beaten track and rest in the wilderness, quieted by the tunes of birds and gibbons, as a matter of fact.

During the excursion, you can stop at numerous nearby shops. Visit Koh Kong, an extremely charming town encompassed by deserted sea shores. The cove of Koh Kong on the Gulf of Siam is dabbed with waterways and cascades.

Moreover, the town of Chi Phat is an encounter to be lived to visit legitimate Cambodia. This people group has set up its town to invite vacationers and allow them to find their traditions.

Phnom Penh

To visit Cambodia is additionally to find its set of experiences and culture. For this, the capital is an objective of the decision. In spite of the fact that it has a terrible standing according to travelers, brimming with treasures offers guests the potential chance to submerge themselves in Cambodian life. Its conduits obstructed in huge numbers of cruisers that circle there, its business sectors brimming with commotions and scents, numerous landmarks give testimony regarding the brilliant or dim times of the nation’s set of experiences… Better to allow yourself to be moved by the current to see the value in the city.

During your visit to Phnom Penh, don’t miss to visit the must-sees, like the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. Close by, the National Museum displays an amazing assortment of Khmer artifacts and offers conventional Khmer dance exhibitions. The Tuol Sleng Museum is an unquestionable necessity for a superior comprehension of the difficult time of the Khmer Rouge. At long last, you can lose all sense of direction in Phnom Penh’s Central Market, the biggest in the country.


This beguiling city is known for the renowned Kampot pepper. The bracket of quietness for the individuals who need to visit Cambodia has held a specific validity regardless of its tourist improvement. Its calm roads routinely wake up to have different business sectors. Somewhat confidential for the people who need to carry on with a timeless encounter, without tourists: get up at daybreak to go to the fish market on the banks of the waterway.

Lease a bicycle or motorbike to become mixed up in the environmental factors of the city. Visit the fish island and its red-cleared anglers’ homes, the many water lily lakes, the salt swamps, and the shoreline which has an exceptionally extraordinary person.

20 kilometers from Kampot, in Bokor Park, there is a phantom frontier town worth a visit.


Kratie is said to contain the Khmer soul. This humble community in northeastern Cambodia is encircled by the arms of the Mekong River. Around here, you might have the extremely valuable opportunity to see the Irrawaddy dolphins, which seem to be beluga whales, and wash in the stream’s new water. This creature is tragically compromised and it is turning out to be progressively intriguing to go over it.

The town of Kratie has a specific pioneer in engineering. On the spot, you can visit the Buddhist sanctuary Phnom Sambok which overhangs a slope with lush vegetation. The moves toward arrival at the pagoda are enlivened with numerous huge and beautiful sculptures of priests. Once at the top, you can respect the heavenly scene of the Mekong River.


The Ratanakiri, or Rotanah Kiri, is quite possibly of the most lovely and distant regions in the upper east of the nation, home to the Virachey National Park. Its thick timberlands cover 80% of its area, which you can investigate on trips and outings, exploiting the welcome coolness of the locale. A chance for nature lovers to notice the extremely rich biodiversity of Cambodia, especially thick in this rocky area. Find its rich wildernesses, cascades, and wild creatures, yet additionally, its towns shield a mosaic of ethnic minorities.

Respect the Yeak Lom Lake, a genuine gem of nature: its clear waters are set on a volcanic cavity, and the Cambodians give it a hallowed person. It has been said that it is occupied by defensive spirits… Remember to go through Banlung, nicknamed the red city in view of the trademark shade of its building. The market merits the diversion if by some stroke of good luck to meet its warm occupants.


On the off chance that you wish to visit Cambodia while escaping the more touristic regions, Pursat is an objective made for you. A little country town known for its stonemasons and marble work, it is a wonderful objective to meet the Khmers and make disclosures outside the customary circuits. Try not to miss to taste the delectable customary Cambodian dishes. Not far away, you can take a pirogue to cruise on the Tonle Sap and visit the interesting drifting town of Kompong Luong, and why not go through the night there?

One more interest of Pursat is the Bamboo Train, on which you can take a short ride. It comprises bamboo stages, stacked with products, which continue on rails with the assistance of an engine. An excellent chance to meet local people while watching the wonderful Cambodian expanse unfurl before your eyes.