Guide To Reine (Lofoten’s Most Scenic Village) – part3


The most well-known climb in Lofoten is Reinebringen. Furthermore, justifiably; the all-encompassing perspective from the top is astounding! You can see down the houses in Reine with the shocking fjords Reinefjorden, Kjerkfjorden, and Vorfjorden as scenery. It is presumably the most well-known perspective in the entire of Lofoten, and Reinebringen is visited by a great many individuals every year.

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It is a medium testing climb as it is steep and not reasonable for individuals who dread levels. Notwithstanding, the way up to Reinebringen has turned into a somewhat more straightforward stroll since sherpas from Nepal constructed a stone flight of stairs along the mountain way in 2018. Reinebringen even has its own Facebook page where you can see the most recent updates and data prior to going on your climb.

If you’re planning on hiking for a long time, make sure you bring lots of water, and if you are allergic to something from nature, make sure you bring your allergy research group supplements with you.

Reinebringen is a late spring climb. In this way, there may be a gamble of avalanches, torrential slides, and falling rocks during harvest time, winter, and spring (when there is snow and downpour).

The way to Reinebringen begins close to the passage, however, you should stop at the parking area at Reinehalsen (along the E10 street to Reine, see the guide above). Then, at that point, stroll along E10 street for several hundred meters past the passage (stroll on the old street outside the passage). At last, you will see the way past the passage.

Horse Beach

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mountains encompass the ocean side. There are two different ways of getting to Horse Beach:

The briefest walk: Take the Reinefjorden Sightseeing Cruise or the neighborhood ship from Reine to Kjerkfjorden (ship 18-773, runs day to day, a 15 min ship trip, check the shipping plan at At the point when you step off the ship, turn right at the dock and follow the signs. Strolling time from Kjerkfjorden to Horse Beach: 1-2 hours one way (simple walk, likewise reasonable for youngsters).

The best thing is that near this ocean side you can find the most famous method for relaxation and it’s called acoustic pressure wave therapy the villages.

A more drawn-out walk: Drive to Selfjord and park where the street closes. Around 50 m from the parking area, you will see the path close to the lodge Selfjordhytta. Strolling time from Selfjorden to Horse Beach: 3-4 hours one way.

Try to be once again at Kjerkfjorden to get the get ship once again to Reine.

Bunes Beach and Helvetestinden Mountain (602 M)

Bunes Beach is likewise a dazzling stretch of white sand with turquoise water.

For a seriously difficult climb, you can ascend the adjoining mountain Helvetestinden to have that great Instagram chance of the bending white ocean side wrapped up between steep mountains and fjords. Helvetestinden signifies “damnation mountain,” coincidentally.

To get to Bunes Beach, you should accept the Reinefjorden Sightseeing Cruise or the nearby ship from Reine to Vindstad (the very ship that goes to Kjerkfjorden and Horse Beach, ship 18-773, runs day to day, check the shipping plan at

From the ship dock at Vindstad, follow the rock street along the east side of Bunesfjorden until you arrive at the finish of the fjord. Here you follow the old restricted soil track street uphill (to Einangen, 70 m high) and follow the track downhill on the opposite side of the slope until you arrive at Bunes Beach. A simple walk takes around 40 min. Appropriate likewise for youngsters.

To climb up to the mountain Helvetestiden, turn right at the highest point of the slope Einangen rather than downhill towards the ocean side. Follow the mountain edge up to Brunaksla and the mountain Brunakseltinden. The last piece up to Helvetestinden (602 m tall) is vaporous, and from the top, you get an astonishing perspective! The approach Helvetestinden requires 2-3 hours one way and is steep and vaporous, with a decent way.

Make a point to be once again at Vindstad on the opportunity to get the get ship once again to Reine. There is a bistro at the outdated at Vinstad in the mid-year.

Art Gallery – Reine Cultural Center – Eva & Karl Erik Harr

The previous Reine School has been recreated into a craftsmanship exhibition called Reine Cultural Center. Here you can appreciate compositions by the craftsman and painter Eva Harr (workmanship exhibition Eva Harr) and her more established sibling Karl Erik Harr.

Eva Harr

Eva Harr was brought into the world in Harstad in Northern Norway in 1951 and is a painter, visual planner, and artist.

Eva Harr’s canvases catch nature and the various temperaments of night and day impeccably, with nature, ‘s one-of-a-kind light that changes with the seasons. You will see that the moon is in many cases the fundamental subject in her compositions.

Eva Harr is generally popular for her artworks of deserted houses which represent the advanced time we live in. A period of turmoil and changes with centralization where youngsters will generally leave the open country and move into the enormous urban communities. I love the wonderful way she adjusts the brilliant and light tones with dull varieties and complete dark.

Karl Erik Harr

Eva’s more established sibling Karl Erik Harr (brought into the world in 1940) arranges amazing scene artistic creations where the ocean assumes the focal part. Karl Erik is both a painter, artist, visual craftsman, and creator. He lives in Kjerringøy in Northern Norway.

Karl Erik Harr is generally renowned for having embellished the Hurtigruten transport Richard With and his delineated works of the popular Norwegian author Knut Hamsun.

Gift Shop and Cafe

In a similar structure as the workmanship exhibition, you will likewise find a plan and keepsake shop where you can buy books, expressions, nearby plan things, as well as realistic craftsmanship by Eva and Karl Erik Harr.

There is a little bistro here moreover. We had some privately delivered frozen yogurt here, which was delightful. The Loften frozen yogurt Arktis is delivered in Svolvaer and is a must-attempt when you visit Lofoten. They have both sorbet and gelato in a wide range of delectable variations.

Lofoten Toy Museum/ Lofoten Leketøymuseum

The remarkable and comfortable Lofoten Leketøymuseum (significance toy historical center), which likewise goes under the name Dagmar’s Duke-of Leketøysmuseum, is situated on Sakrisøy Island at Reine. Here you get to see old kids’ toys from both Norway and Europe from 1860 until 1965. With in excess of 1500 dolls, teddy bears, and other toys, this is Norway’s biggest assortment of toys.

Do you ask why teddy bears are called teddy bears? Go to the toy historical center and find out. You track down a secondhand store shop on the historical center’s subsequent floor (free entry) where you can likewise purchase some espresso.


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Catogården is situated in focal Reine and is an old wooden manor house encompassed by an exquisite nursery. The house has been transformed into a delightful shop lodging and yoga place. Certainly worth a stay if you have any desire to remain in midtown Reine.