What Can Silk help your sleep?

Are you curious about whether silk can aid in getting better sleep as well as how your diet may be a factor in your tiredness, or what ways Feng Shui can put your mind at ease, continue reading our blog in the coming weeks. We’ll be bringing in a host of experts who will be offering advice on how you will be able to minimize disturbances to your sleep routine and help you de-stress so you can get the best night’s rest you can. This week, we’ll be discussing the health benefits we get from our silk-based products. Whether it’s bedding, cushions, or even sleep dresses, there are multiple advantages to investing in silk.


Silk always feels wonderful against your skin, but experts have proved that it could also slow down getting older. The material is composed of natural protein, as well a number of all-important amino acids. Research has concluded that amino acids can make wrinkles appear smoother and smoother as the nervous system becomes more relaxed. Silk also contains chemical albumen, which increases the metabolism of skin cells which means that the skin cells develop and repair. It isn’t able to absorb moisture it also doesn’t absorb moisture, which is great when you apply creams and serums prior to the bed. Also, while cotton pillows could absorb some creams, silk pillows make sure that it’s absorbed as you go to sleep. The material is also particularly beneficial for people with skin problems like eczema. Many bedding products can aggravate skin conditions such as Eczema, which can cause the skin to become overheated, which can cause the skin to lose precious moisture. But silk is soft and smooth, allowing your body to hold in moisture so that you are less susceptible to drying and irritating your skin at night.


Silk’s properties as a natural material and its double-stranded fibers resemble human hair, which explains why it is for keeping the temperature of your body cool. Silk can provide a breathable yet still insulating barrier between you and the ambient temperature which helps keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.


Silk pillowcases can provide significant advantages for the health of your hair. Although silk does not absorb liquids, its moisture-wicking features help to remove the excess grease and moisture away from your skin. It helps ensure that your hair can remain dry and lacking in grease in the morning. The softness of the fabric helps reduce the thinning of hair, which may lead to potential split ends. Cotton may cause tension between your head of yours and the pillows, which may result in damaged, frazzled hair. The anti-static properties of the material help to prevent hair knotting.